Monday, 8 February 2016

Horse Crazy Decorator Stablemates

I recently featured my Pink Ribbon Stablemate, Courage, in a post and mentioned that I was thinking of getting the new decorator Horse Crazy Stablemates. CWS Stables & Studio very kindly did a review of her models to help my make my decision, and it convinced me to go ahead. So now, Courage has a herd :)
These are the 6 individual Stablemates from the Horse Crazy lineup. To keep with the theme that Courage started, I've given them all emotive based names.
 This is Blissfully Happy, or Bliss; the frosted pink Cantering Warmblood mare. I expected the frosted models to have a grainy/textured feel to their coats, but they're completed smooth like a regular Stablemate.
 Next is Greatest Joy, or Euphoria; the pink Tennessee Walking Horse mare. She's a deeper, brighter pink than Bliss, and seems to be moulded in a completely different colour instead of just being un-frosted.
 One of my favourites, this is Returning the Favour, or Favour; the frosted green American Saddlebred mare. I love the subtle mint green they chose for her colour.
 The last mare is Gracious in Victory, or Grace; the frosted blue Belgian mare. It's much easier to see her frosted coat in real life.
 Both stallions are purple in colour, but their shades are very different. This is Proudest Moment, or Pride; the purple Mustang stallion. Like Euphoria his coat in un-frosted, and the deep colour of his body makes the glitter in his mane and tail really stand out. Of them all, I think he's probably the most impressive.
And finally, this is Trust In Yourself, or Trust; the frosted lilac Walking Arabian stallion. Seen on his own it's easy to mistake his colour for pink, but when you put him with Bliss his purple tones become apparent. 

Overall, I'm happy with these models. It would have been nice if they had a bit of detailing on their bodies, like Courage, or even just had their eyes painted so they stood out. I think the un-frosted models are more effective and attractive than the frosted ones, mostly because their glitter manes and tails are more obvious, but that's just my personal opinion. I've also noticed that the plastic these models are sculpted from has a tendency to leave ridges along seams, especially around the bottom of hooves or around the ears, but maybe that's more an issue with quality control at the factory. It's worth bearing in mind, though, as these edges can be a bit sharp.

And finally, because I couldn't resist, I'll leave you with some imagines of the herd standing on a windowsill, with the daylight shining through them. :)

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