Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Copperfox 10 Day Challenge - Day 1: Inspiration Day

To everyone who's getting a bit tired of seeing "Copperfox 10 Day Challenge" posts popping up in your blog feed, I'm very sorry but you're about to get one more! :)

Yeah, I'm jumping on the bandwagon too. After seeing how others have interpreted the first few days of the challenge I've felt inspired to give it a go myself.

The Copperfox 10 Day Challenge is a fun little event that, in their own words, is "all about having fun with your models, learning something new and sharing our experiences."

Day 1: Inspiration Day

An easy start to our challenge! Find something that inspires you. It could be a picture of an unusual colour of horse that you would like to turn into a model, a how-to tutorial video or a piece in your favourite magazine about collecting things that you love. Or it could be a song, film, piece of poetry- whatever it is, find something that gets your creativity going!

Does being inspired to do the Copperfox 10 Day Challenge count? No? Ok then.
I've written about this before, but my first model horse inspiration was the wonderful Christine Sutcliffe of Last Alliance Studios. Her Schleich repaints inspired me to start repainting my own models, and her model horse photography is just breathtaking. Any time I see one of her customs I think to myself "Wow! I want to be able to paint like that!"

I'd also like to mention the Youtube personality HoneyheartsC, especially her DIY videos. Her step by step tutorials make repainting your models look surprisingly easy, and I'm inspired to have a go at a lot of the tips and tricks she suggests.

In addition, I'd like to give a shout out to all the blogs that I read. Your regular posts inspired me to start writing, and to keep writing, my own blog. So thanks go out to everyone on the list of blogs to the right.

And finally, because I don't want this to turn into just one big shout out, I'll leave you with a photo I took in Southern Ireland on my last holiday of a stunning cat that, one day, I'd like to use as a reference image for a repaint.

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