Thursday, 11 February 2016

Copperfox 10 Day Challenge - Day '2': Photos

Day '2': Your Favourite Model Horse Picture 
What is your most favourite model horse picture? Maybe you already have one or maybe you can create a new one?

Yes, ok, I know that this isn't the "proper" challenge for Day 2 of the Copperfox 10 Day Challenge, but the actual challenge for Day 2 involves naming your latest model and I'm still working on that. So, instead of trying to rush the process and ending up with something rubbish, I'm going to jump ahead and do one of the other days early. Besides, the rules do say:

"Remember it is supposed to be fun, so please do not worry if you miss a day, want to skip a challenge or do one twice."

And I'm going to interpret that as permission to reorder the days too :)

Ok, so I'm actually very bad at taking nice photos of my models. I would love to have a nice outdoor area to photograph them in, but until I find somewhere I've had to make do with what I've got. That's why most of my decent photos feature my Schleich models: they're just much easier to take pictures of in a small space. Any time I try with my Traditionals or Classics something very out of scale, like a fence or a garden shed, sneaks into the frame. Anyway, here are some of the best that I've managed to take.


  1. Nice pictures! I especially like the one with the foal and the falabella :)

    1. Thank you. Yeah, I'm really happy with how that one turned out :)