Monday, 13 June 2016

Heartbeat's First Adventure

Hello, lovely reader people!

Since Beth is currently busy with packing and stuff, she asked me to write the blog post this time. And let me tell you, typing is hard work when you're only a fraction of the size of the keyboard!

For my first blog post I thought I'd share with you my first adventure into the big wide world.
Ok, ok, so it was the garden. But it's big and wide to me!
 All that grass did look tempting, though...
But it was much bigger up close! I could barely walk through it: it was like trying to explore a jungle!
Once I got out of the grass I decided to stick to the stone pathways. At least its easier to walk on them, but it sure was dark over there...
 That's a long path for a small horse!
Ah! The wind blew me over!
 Maybe I'll be more secure in the flower beds...
That is one big strawberry plant. Mmmm, strawberries....
 I followed the plants for a little while, and somehow made it onto this trellis...
Ooh, er, I appear to be stuck...Um, little help?
Phew, that's better!
 At least from up high I was able to spot a patch of fine, sandy soil that I asked Beth to put me down on.
 A good dust bath was just what I needed to get over getting stuck up high!
 Hey, I found a log!
Beth told me horses are meant to jump over logs, not climb on them, but I thought climbing was much more interesting.
 After that there was just time for a photo shoot...
...and then it was time for bed. After all that adventuring I was glad to get back into my nice safe pony pouch.

See you next time!

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  1. Cute and awesome pics but anyways I have to go to bed now good night