Thursday, 10 September 2015

Science Fiction meets Breyerfest

Today's post is just a bit of fun, really.

   This year's Breyerfest has recently come and gone, and as per usual it seems to have been a massive event. I say 'seems' because, living in the UK, I've never been able to afford to attend a Breyerfest event (which is held in Kentucky, USA each year). As a result, my experience of it is limited to the videos and blogs of other hobbyists that did attend. They all seemed to have really enjoyed it, though.

   This year's event was themed around France and all things French, and next year's event is apparently going to be themed around carnivals. Other previous themes have included Britain and fairytales. This got me thinking "If I could create a theme for Breyerfest, what would I go with?". And then the answer hit me: Science Fiction. 

   I'm a massive sci fi fan, from Doctor Who to Star Trek, and I have no doubt many other hobbyists are as well. And it's such a broad genre that I'm sure there would be plenty of inspiration to draw from. Obviously the oganisers couldn't use copyrighted material without permission, but there's so much at the core themes of sci fi that I don't think it would be a problem at all. Robots, extraterrestrials, time travel, futuristic technology and space flight are all themes that span multiple sources and are copyright free. And just imagine the fun the competetors could have with sci fi themed entries!

   And one of the biggest draws of Breyerfest every year are the exclusive Breyer models released at each event, all based around the central theme. Just think, you could have a blue roan stallion named Time Traveller, a short brown pony named Extraterrestrial, or a massive grey drafter named Starship. 

So, how about it: a science fiction themed breyerfest for 2017?

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