Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Dust Buster

 No, don't worry, it's not one of those super magnified photos of a bacteria colony...
It's actually a super soft microfibre mitt that I use to dust my model horses.  The mitt is double sided, with an opening at the end so you can put your hand inside for extra control.
  Unlike an ordinary dusting cloth, this mitt doesn't push dust around; it picks dust up like a magnet. Then all you have to do is shake it off over a bin or outside to get rid of the dust.
 I first heard about these mitts a couple of years ago from a fellow hobbyist who used one to dust her models for live showing. It seemed like a really good idea, so when I saw some for sale in my local £1 shop I decided to try them. I was not disappointed.
 I actually found them in the car section of the store, so I think they're intended for cleaning the paintwork of vehicles. But the great thing is that they are advertised as 'Scratch free', so they shouldn't harm your models. And like I said, dust sticks to them like a magnet, and those long dreadlock-like projections are ideal for getting into awkward places like grooves in manes and between your model's ears.
I've only tried this one type so I can't say whether others are any good or not. And I don't endorse one brand over another. Also, please remember that if you try these out they're at your own risk, so please be careful when using them; I can't guarantee they won't damage your models. But so far I've found this to be an excellent tool for dusting my models, so if you want to give it a try have a look in your local vehicle maintenance store or £1 shop.

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