Friday, 18 September 2015

Hornby Cassy Foal

   When I was a small child my parents bought me a little plastic foal in a second hand charity shop. The foal had no markings or brand stamps of any kind, so I had no idea what make it was, not that I really cared. It didn't really matter to me: all that mattered was that it was a horse :) It seemed about the right size for a Barbie horse, so the foal soon joined my small Barbie stable. However, it was too small for my Barbie horses, and the only other horse I had at the time that would be about the right size for it was my Grand Champions Magic Motion Stallion, the grey Lipizzaner named Pegasus (that was his official name, which I kept. He's a normal horse though: no wings.). So I paired them up. Pegasus became the father to my unknown foal, and both served as ponies in my Barbie Stable. To give you an idea of their size, standard Barbie horses are about 1:6 scale, normal Grand Champions are about 1:12 scale, and Grand Champions Magic Motion Stallions like my Pegasus were about 1:9 scale, or roughly the same size as a Breyer Traditional. That would make my foal 1:9 scale too.

  Anyway, I thought no more about it until only a couple of weeks ago when, completely by accident, I happened to discover what brand my mystery foal belonged to! Whilst browsing ebay I came across some listings for 'Hornby Cassy' dolls and horses, and right there was my foal! At last, after about 20 years, I had an identity for it: my foal was a Hornby Cassy model.
 My foal has undergone some renovations over the years. She (it's gone back and forth between a colt and a filly over the years) originally had a white faux hair mane and tail, but as children do I trimmed it until there was next to nothing left. Years later I discovered a tutorial for rehairing model horses (which is sadly no longer available) and decided to give it a go with some chestnut faux hair from another model. I think it came out rather nice.
 The only other change I made to her was to neaten up her blaze and socks and add some pinking on her nose and lips. Everything else is original. I've long forgotten what I originally named her, but Cassy seems like an appropriate name from now on :)

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