Monday, 24 August 2015

2015 Schleich Icelandic Mare

You're already seen her in the Curly Mare post, so here's an in depth look at the 2015 Schleich Icelandic Mare.
Whilst the last Icelandic mare (that this one replaces) was very clearly a flaxen chestnut, this mare is more of a palomino or flaxen chestnut pangare. She's got a lovely soft coat colour that is admittedly hard to photograph accurately: you'll probably see a lot of photos on line that make her look very orange, where in fact she's a much nicer palomino gold.
 Whilst her pose is very static and plain, the whole model is lifted out of regularity by the wonderfully windswept mane and forelock, which covers her near side (left) eye.
As with the other 2015 horses she doesn't have horseshoes. However, a wild horse living on the hills of Iceland probably doesn't need horseshoes anyway.
 She's solidly coloured with no white markings (unless there's a star hidden underneath that forelock). As with a great many toy horses her conformation isn't perfect (especially in her back legs), but the charm and character of this little mare makes her a lovely addition to the Schleich stable.


  1. This little mare is one I would love to add to my collection, but I haven't seen her in person yet, so thanks for the photographs! I love her mane and her colour, and she looks really cute. I'm trying to hold back on Schleichs because I prefer to photograph Breyer horses. I started out with Schleich, though, so I have something of a soft spot for them. :)

    1. Same here. I'm also badly running out of shelf space to put new models, so I'm trying to limit myself to only the models I REALLY want ^^;