Friday, 21 August 2015

2015 Schleich Curly Mare

I've been collecting Schleich horses for probably about 7 or 8 years by now. Like most Schleich collectors I think the horses and ponies that have been released in recent years vary quite drastically with the models that were available when I started collecting. I believe the difference  is due to different sculptors, and perhaps a different direction for the company as a whole. Some of the new models I like a lot, some take time to grow on me, and some I'm really not that keen on.

As a general rule, I find that the official release photos don't always give an accurate idea of what the model will actually look like in real life. Some even have a drastically different paint job, depending on where the model was made (Germany, China, Tunisia, Portugal etc). That's why I normally like to see a model with my own eyes and turn it over in my own hands before I decide to buy it or not. Sadly, my local toy shop has just stopped selling Schleich, which is disappointing, so I now have to buy them online and hope I get sent nice models...

When I can't see the models in real life, the next best thing is to see photos that other collectors have taken of their models from various angles. And since there's more than likely others of you out there in the same situation as me, I thought I'd post some photos of my 4 new 2015 Schleich horses. Since these will be quite image heavy, I'll split them up into separate posts.

Curly Horse Mare
 Like most of my Schleich, this lovely girl is made in China. She has basic shading on her flanks, around her eyes and on her muzzle, but her main attraction is her wonderful thick, curly coat.
 Her mane and tail are black, and her body colour is a wild bay: that doesn't mean that she's a wild horse, but refers to the name of her colour. Instead of black lower legs, her black is restricted to her knees and fetlocks. I assume that the thick, curly winter coat makes the black on her fetlocks even more faint, but you can see it on the backs of her ankles.
Of the 2015 Schleich horses, I think this mare is one of the nicest. This combination of her unique curly coat and unusual wild bay colouring really make her stand out from the herd, and the way she's sculpted make her seem really sweet and gentle.
  Unfortunately this photo is a bit dark, but you can just make out the black on the backs of her legs and fetlocks.
 The painting on her mane is a little bit hit and miss, but I can easily touch up the bare spots with some black acrylic paint
 She's got really quite a sweet face.
 As with most of Schleich's newest horses and ponies, she doesn't have horse shoes. But her hooves are nicely carved with visible frogs (the triangular bits).
Since the breed is about 14.2 - 15.2 hh, she's quite small. Here she is next to the 2015 Icelandic mare for comparison.  Next time I'll show her foal.

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