Monday, 14 December 2015

Breyer 2010 Fun Days Limited Edition 'Onyx'

 I'm not normally a fan of 'glossy' models. In my opinion the high gloss finish makes the model look more like porcelain than plastic, and in doing so takes away a lot of it's realism. In addition, whilst I admire and even adore many of the special run or limited edition models that Breyer release every year, most of them are far too expensive and elusive to ever enter my collection, so I don't even fantasise about owning them.

There is, of course, an exception to most rules, and mine is Onyx.

 I fell in love with this Limited Edition Classic stallion when I first laid eyes on Breyer's official promo photos of him, but since he was limited edition and only available to buy at Breyer's 'Fun Day' event in 2010 I didn't hold out much hope of ever getting him.
 Then, one day, a few years later whilst browsing ebay, I came across a UK seller auctioning off an Onyx model. The price was only slightly higher than the recommended retail price of a regular run Classic, and the model himself was in excellent condition, with only some minor hoof and ear tip rubs. I hesitated briefly, but ultimately decided to go for it. And I am so happy I did!
 I haven't regretted buying Onyx for a second. He's one of my never sells. I can't say for sure just what it is about him that attracts me so much...I love his black coat that is only just starting to fade into grey (iron grey, I believe some people call it). I love his one white hoof and sock. I love the fading in his mane and tail and on his flanks.
 But I think what probably attracts me the most is the mould. Identify Your Breyer call it the 'Show Arabian' mould, probably because the first release on this mould was the bay Best in Show Arabian with mohair mane and tail. And he is a wonderfully characteristic Arabian, with a delicately dished face, high tail carriage and eager, prancing pose. Of all of Breyer's Arabian moulds to date, this one is my favourite.
 The name 'Onyx' suited him so well that I couldn't bear to rename him, making him one of my only model horses to keep his official name in my collection. His dark colour and high gloss finish make photographing him rather difficult, but by altering the light levels a bit in post production it's not too hard to get some lovely shots of this handsome boy.
 The only trouble with the high gloss finish and dark black colour is that the model shows every single speck of dust!
 I adore his face. The eye whites give his eyes an intelligent light and really distinguish them from his dark head.
 Probably the only part of his finish that I don't really like is the front of his face. To me, the dark shading that kinda resembles the characters used in Japanese writing (e.g. kanji) doesn't look very realistic at all. But it's a minor complaint, and one that I can very happily live with.
 I love my little glossy Arabian stallion, and I'm so very glad I bought him.


  1. Hi Beth! Onyx looks wonderful!
    Just wondering, has chestnut ridge contacted you about details/shipping of your first place prize traditional?

    1. Hi, not yet, although with Christmas fast approaching I expect they've got their hands rather full at the moment :)