Tuesday, 17 November 2015

2015 Schleich Pinto Stallion

 Here's the second of my new Schleich horses: the 2015 Pinto stallion. I've named him Sunburst.
 He's moulded in a lateral/united canter, although he's looking away into the distance rather than the direction he's actually travelling. Like the older pinto stallion he's painted as a chestnut frame overo, although this boy has a much simpler design than the old model, which probably makes him cheaper and easier to produce.
 He's got a wonderfully wild, windswept mane and tail, although I imagine his mane might make it difficult to tack him up. His overall design makes me think more of a mustang stallion than a tame horse.
 Like most of the other new models, this stallion lacks horseshoes. It seems to be the new direction the Schleich company are moving in with their models, which personally I'm a bit sorry about. I used to love the added details of horseshoes on each horse.
 His coat colour is quite flat and lacks any real shading. In contrast, however, his mane and tail are wonderfully painted, with multiple chestnut tones interwoven throughout.
 I'd prefer it if his hooves on the legs with white markings were a different colour to the hooves on his solid legs, but I'm not too bothered by that. I can't quite tell, but it feels to me that his legs are a little disproportionate in length, and he's got an overall 'toy' feel to him, but he's still quite attractive and a nice addition to the herd.
My particular stallion is made in Tunisia, and interestingly has a longer stocking on his off (right) fore leg than the one shown on Schleich's website. His white patches also seem smoother and more rounded.
 His head is a bit too small and short, but the thing that annoys me most is his black muzzle. With the large white blaze on his face his nose should really be pink, and I think I'll probably end up repainting it eventually.
I like his sweet, blue eyes; they nicely complement his chestnut coat. Whilst he's far from perfect, I'm nonetheless happy with him, and glad I added him to my collection.

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